Whispers Of White Sapphire

An enigmatic cult arises in the eastern lands, from the vast steppes of the U’skar to the border realms of the Carth Dominion. A sister religion to the Golden Sun Cult, according to the obscured rumors of distant realms, that worships Kharothir, the God of the Primordial Hunt. A deity of wilderness and freedom unbidden, promising a way of life unshackled from the domination of others.

Coming in Q3 2024!

Embers of the Past Series: A Sanctum of Swords (Embers Edition)

In the wake of a catastrophic cataclysm that claimed the lives of both mortals and powerful gods, the remnants of mortal-kind begin to rebuild civilization in the world of Thearus. But, unseen by many is an ancient and evil force that seeks to bring darkness across the land once more.

Available in May 2024 in Paperback, eBook and Audiobook formats