As the last months of winter have come and gone, Whispers of White Sapphire continues to blaze toward a release date. Time flows ever onward, and many changes are soon to be set in motion for my twin novella collection.

Change #1

What is the first change, I hear you ask?

Apparitions Amid the Whispering Woods is no longer a novella. It has passed the 40k word mark and is hurtling toward an 80k word count with the expansions I have planned out for it.

As such, the title ‘Apparitions Amid the Whispering Woods‘ is no more. This, now full-fledged narrative will be assuming the Title of the collection, Whispers of White Sapphire. This means that In Shadow of Her Past is currently side-lined and may continue to remain on the wayside as I am refocusing and designing the scale and narratives of the Embers of the Past Series moving forward.

Change #2

The second change is that Whispers of White Sapphire is now set to become novel #2 in the Embers of the Past Series.

Why is this important? What was once supposed to setup the backstory for the greater narrative of the series, I figured why wait? The era of The Sanctum of Swords continues to rage across Khios. Whispers of White Sapphire depicts what is happening four years after the events of A Sanctum of Swords.

The story line continues to progress, but this narrative will portray events unfolding across the Old Myrian Empire north of the Alabaster River whilst the main continent wages conflicts of its own.

That mean the Steppe Tribes of the U’skar Qi will be expanded on in much more detail than originally anticipated. That also means that more of Old Myria will be shown in the narrative as well. Also, additional characters are now set to enter the story as well. Support characters that have already existed can continue to be fleshed out and expanded upon with their own goals, ambitions, and personal stories.

Change #3

The greatest change so far for Whispers of White Sapphire is a refocused emphasis on a select number of characters spread across a consistent and immersive region of a fantasy world experiencing its own changing narrative and specific events of great relevance for each connected character.

A Sanctum of Swords had a ** LOT** of characters! They were all connected to the main plot in some way and all working to drive their own narratives forward to a cohesive and united ending.

I believe this new change will mean slightly shorter novels on average, but will focus more on specific regions and a hand-picked selection of characters rather than a broad dramatis personae A Sanctum of Swords had. This also means that characters might show up in multiple stories as the narrative evolves and characters end up relocating elsewhere.

We will see how this change is implemented and received in the future days to come.

What else is going on?

The Embers Edition of A Sanctum of Swords is almost back from the editor, Then I have more work to do as the audiobook production is set to begin soon afterward.

Whilst I am tackling those fronts, I will continue advancing the word count and narrative for Whispers of White Sapphire.

Until next time!