In the wake of a catastrophic cataclysm that claimed the lives of both mortals and powerful gods, the remnants of mortal-kind begin to rebuild civilization in the world of Thearus. But, unseen by many is an ancient and evil force that seeks to bring darkness across the land once more.

It is the era of the Ascension of Kings, a period of reconstruction after the catastrophic collapse which saw the death of the gods of the Ascended Pantheon and left the mortals of Thearus to rise from the ashes and begin anew.

But, war, assassination, and betrayal still stalk the land, fueled by the mighty kingdoms and cults born from the fires of destruction, and ruled by powerful demi-gods. And now, the Sanctum Queen, Karayan, seeks to summon her twin patron goddesses, Sabah and Zesiro, onto the mortal plane to cast a shroud of darkness and chaos across the realm.

If these Twin Deities of the Void succeed in returning to the world of Thearus, they will bring an end to civilization and the death of all who live on the land. Now, only a small group of nine unusual heroes stand in the way of the coming malevolence, and the Sanctum Queen’s dark plans.

But, as the unlikely allies’ journey into the realm of an immortal prison known as the Penitent Sanctuary, they must face a terrible choice: free the Twin Deities of the Void and be granted another chance to live again, or face an eternity of tormented existence in purgatory.

What is A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition?

A Sanctum of Swords launched in the early fall of 2023, meeting both success and failure in several ways. Reaping in a number of reviews ranging from a 5 Star from Reader’s Favorite to a few 4-star and 3-star reviews from Net Galley, I could see potential in the launch of the first entry of the Embers of the Past Series. Analyzing said reviews (thank you to each commentor and critiquer, your time means the world!), I was gladdened to find that others also saw the series’ potential.

Of course, no one person reads a story in quite the same way. There are some that didn’t like A Sanctum of Swords and that is perfectly okay. However, I did want to know more about overall opinions of the book and about anything that could be improved upon or done better.

After receiving a good amount of feedback from some key reviews and personal opinions, I set out on a grand journey after two months since A Sanctum of Swords launch. My goal was to revisit the entire manuscript for one final time. I wanted to go back and fix everything that I possibly could about the manuscript’s shortcomings, which lied in a few areas.

Purple prose, repitition, and confusing elements to descriptions and dialogue are among the main culprits here.

After five more months of pouring through every sentence and chapter in the novel to strengthen its inherent weaknesses, so did A Sanctum of Swords become a night-and-day version of itself.

Enter A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition!

As you can see the novel’s original cover art is altered to reflect the changes of the new edition. The Embers Edition of A Sanctum of Swords is as much a personal journey of growth for me as a writer as it is a much improved upon experience.

Quick, let me summarize the list of changes implemented into the manuscript!!

  • Streamlined text to eliminate purple prose, reptition in word choice, and grammar/spelling mistakes.
  • Elimination of confusing elements in descriptions and dialogue.
  • Scene revisions for each chapter and extra content in the form of additional scenes to expand parts of the narrative.
  • Re-imagined combat scenes from Chapter 22 and onward.
  • An additional professional editing session.
  • A formatted ebook version tailored by a professional ebook creator.
  • Updated cover art to reflect the Embers Edition.
  • Audiobook narration will launch beside the ebook and paperback version of A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition, to be narrated, mastered, and audio edited by Marcus Freeman.

What Platforms is A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition set to be launched on?

A great question!

I originally tried Draft2Digital for a launch on A Sanctum of Swords and was able to add it to the websites of a few international retailers. However, I decided shortly after that I would focus on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publisher first.

I am gladdened to annouce that A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition will be expanding its horizons with Draft2Digital again. This means that the Embers Edition will arrive at a lot of stores initially.

What about the audiobook version?

I am not certain what the complete list will be, but the audiobook will find its way onto a number of platforms. Audble, Republic of Voices, and likely several websites recommended or associated with both of websites.

When is the release date?

I am aiming for a Q2 time frame in either April or May for A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition.

What about Whispers of White Sapphire – is the Q1 release date delayed?

Yes, Whispers of White Sapphire will commence the editing process in early May and should finished in June/July time. Once that is finished, I will commence on the marketing / ebook formatting side, then got the aduiobook production set to begin aftward. It is coming though! Once it does, there will be a third large announcement on the horizon!