Welcome to the Sanctum of Swords

The long-awaited moment is upon us. The Golden Sun blazes, heralding a new dawn that will soon fade into the night. Yes, June 14th draws near, and with it, the official release of ‘A Sanctum of Swords.’ As we prepare for the ‘second’ debut of the first novel in The Embers of the Past series, we extend an invitation to you to immerse yourself in the enigma and enchantment of the fantasy world of Thearus, where catastrophe and fate are inextricably entwined.

The prophecy is written in the contents of this newsletter. This is a small FAQ to get anyone interested in learning more about the World of Thearus and some further background on the world.

What is the fantasy World of Thearus?

Thearus, a realm born from the essence of the Ascended Pantheon, stands as the cradle of all mortal creation. It was once a world where cosmic gods of unimaginable might reigned, their power beyond the grasp of the countless children who worshipped them.

Three thousand years ago, three continent-spanning empires ruled Thearus beneath the vigilant gazes of the Ascended Pantheon. The Children of Osphinx inherited the lands of Khios in the east. The Giants of Kanaroth reigned over the western realms of Tanorith. The Children of the Ishal ascended their civilization to the heights of enlightenment throughout the Crystalline Ocean in the south.

Three thousand years ago, in a cataclysmic war that consumed Thearus, humanity and its alliance with other mortal civilizations slew its gods. The Ascended Pantheon ended alongside most of its mortal children.

All that remains are the merest fragments of memory and ruins, as most of Thearus suffered a magical implosion capable of rending the boundaries of time and space. Irrevocably wounded, Thearus bears hollowed wounds where chasms run for leagues without end, and doorways into the esoteric lie open across the surface world.

The Gods have remained silent as what remained of their mortal children are now scattered across the heavens, banished into the void of the heavens.

In the Ascension of Kings, the Goddesses of the Void, Sabah, and Zesiro, long thought dead alongside the rest of the pantheon, show signs of returning.

What is A Sanctum of Swords?

The year is 782 in the Ascension of Kings. Three thousand years after the death of their gods and the first empires of mortals, mankind has rebuilt its civilizations beneath the shadows of its past. A collection of several kingdoms has arisen from nothing into power, with the Children of the Sun and their Carth Dominion situated at its heart. Decades of fragile peace have passed since the Third Rebellion of Exiles, a continent-spanning war waged by the Carth Dominion to achieve the conquest of the entire continent.

Lord Erasyl Sar Amun, Last of the Sun Caller Kings and God King of the Carth Dominion, fights a war of shadows against his ancient nemesis in the south: the Ashen Blades Syndicate of Sukhan Kingdom.

An enigmatic order of midnight-clad assassins sworn to slay the enemies of Zahira, the Goddess of Death, the Ashen Blade Syndicate has long desired the head of the last Sun Caller King.

Yet this war isn’t waged on distant battlefields, but in the streets and hidden places of great cities. Conflict is a hair’s breadth from spilling out across the continent, even as other cosmic powers seek to return and make their play for the Khios continent.

A Sanctum of Swords is mainly told from the narrative of three POV Protagonists.

A slave warrior and former prince of a neighboring kingdom that has sworn eternal resistance against the Carth Dominion. Fallen in love with one of the last royal princesses of the Sar Amun House, he seeks to hold onto everything he has come to cherish as his world irrevocably changes.

A legendary assassin of the Ashen Blades, long banished from everything he’s ever cared for. Having spent his entire career serving Sanctum Queen Karayan as her Severed Hand, he seeks to end his legend with the death of the greatest tyrant of them all. In the act of repentance and regicide, he seeks the head of his immortal queen, Karayan, to determine the fate of the Children of Sukhan.

The cousin of the mythical Ashen Blade assassin was once shamed into exile after his rebellion against the Sanctum Queen. He seeks to find his own redemption after following the shadowy path his uncle had walked in life. His fate lies beyond the mortal sphere, to unravel an eons-long purgatory at the whims of enigmatic gods.

Sounds intriguing! What platforms will A Sanctum of Swords be made available on?

Through Draft2Digital, A Sanctum of Swords will be available as an ebook via several major retailers, including the Apple Store, Kobo Rakuten, Barnes & Noble, Everand, and others.

The ebook, paperback, and hardcover versions will be available on Amazon!

The audiobook version will also be available at several retailers. This is still in production, but a blog update will soon be released to inform everyone where they can acquire their copy!

Excellent! Are there any other novels in The Embers of the Past Series?

If you visited the website, you might have noticed a second entry. Whispers of White Sapphire is currently in production, but I hope to transition to the editing phase in a few months. I would consider the book ‘1.5’ instead of ‘2’. The timeline falls in sync with A Sanctum of Swords but shows what’s happening on the other side of the continent in the Autumn Realms of Old Myria.

The cover art for the third book, which would be ‘2’ in this case, will be The Reaper of the Mortal Sands.

Is there anywhere I can see any more news or information regarding the Embers of the Past series?

You only need to look at my website for everything that is happening. A Sanctum of Swords is gradually going through several review sites and a few contests, but everything that happens will be detailed in the blog section shortly after news has arisen.