The Spring Season continues, and more news of A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition comes along as time passes.

The first announcement is the official release date of the ebook and print version of A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition. The release date was originally a generic placeholder set for some time in May. For the most part, I was accurate in my estimations as the ebook and paperback versions are ready to be released into the wilderness.

Regrettably, the audiobook version is still in production and taking longer than I initially anticipated. As a result, I’ve decided to plan a full release of all three versions on June 14th.

Coordinating the audiobook’s progress firsthand, I swear to everyone that the wait will be worth the slightly prolonged wait time. Marcus Freeman is doing a stellar job so far!

On what platforms will A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition be available?

That is a good question!

Some stores will be where the ebook will be available alone via Draft2Digital.

  • Apple Store
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Everand
  • Fable
  • Kobo Raukuten
  • Smashwords & a few other international stores

The print (paperback only) version will be only available on:

  • Amazon

The Audiobook version will be finding its way to retailers via Author’s Republic, a well-known distributor focused on the production and retail of audiobooks. The usual big names and a few smaller known retailers will be included. Every retailer the ebook version will be on should have the audiobook available.


A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition is now entered in two review sites! Reedsy Discovery and Reader’s Favorite. A Sanctum of Swords won a five star from Reader’s Favorite on its original launch, which was awesome!

I plan on also opening up an account on Netgalley to offer A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition for reviews on that website. I also intend to use StoryOrigin to offer the audiobook version for review.

That’s about as far as I’ve planned for everything in the review stage of the book.

Sounds great! Is there any update on Whispers of White Sapphire?

Yes! Whispers of White Sapphire is currently sitting around 60% completion. I aim to start editing in early summer, so the hourglass sands are waning, but I am working against the clock!

I can share a small snippet of what the Table of Contents looks like currently!

Whispers of White Sapphire Table of Contents
Whispers of White Sapphire Table of Contents