The deadline approaches. The fated day of A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition’s launch looms near the horizon. During this pleasant evening, I am honored to announce that I’ve submitted the Embers Edition to two review websites. Reedsy Discovery’s review remains in progress, but Readers’ Favorite, a website well renowned for the achievements of the authors it celebrates, has recently been completed.

I am pleased and honored to announce that the Embers Edition has received a five-star review from the website. This accolade comes with a few features, such as a posted review that you can find on the Readers’ Favorite website, which I’ve added below:

Encouraged by the welcoming review, I’ve also submitted A Sanctum of Swords to two annual fiction contests and will submit to a third this year. The first is the annual 2024 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest. The second contest is the Best Indie Book Award Contest. The winners of these contests will be announced later in the year, but here’s hoping!

I’ve also had the chance to submit A Sanctum of Swords to a press release via Readers’ Favorite, and the novel has also earned its place on its featured book rotator on the website.

I hope A Sanctum of Swords: Embers Edition will continue garnering reviews. My eyes are on the uncertain future, but things are looking bright. In the meantime, the novel’s audiobook version continues and has reached Chapter 10. It’s taken some time to dial in every important character and a few takes of the early chapters, but things are starting to steamroll as Marcus is ramping up the production!

That’s all from me for now!